Am I An Addict?

We encounter many challenges throughout the course of our lives. Unfortunately, dealing with an addiction is a particularly difficult challenge that some of us face, whether as the addict or as the loved one of an addict. Addictions are difficult for several reasons, including the fact that addiction can have an adverse effect on your mental and physical health, relationships, social standing, and even finances. Although our society is becoming increasingly more aware, educated, and open with regards to addictions, addicts, and how to treat them, it seems the number of individuals suffering with an addiction is growing. This may be because addiction can come in many forms, including:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Shopping addiction

One of the first steps on your path to addiction recovery is determining whether you, or someone you love, are indeed an addict. Here are 6 signs and behaviors that typically accompany addiction:

Sudden Change in Behavior

who suddenly seem irritable, become disconnected from their peers, neglect responsibilities such as taking out the trash or cleaning their rooms, or begin skipping class can serve as signs of substance abuse or addiction.Teenagers or young adults is a tell-tale sign or symptom of addiction. Behavior change can incorporate a wide range of shifts, such as an individual who greatly values health and fitness undergoing a radical change that involves no longer exercising nor eating a healthy diet. Another example of sudden behavior change would be a normally extroverted person suddenly becoming very introverted.

Change in Friendships

A change in friendships is another sign that can function as an indication that an individual is suffering from an addiction. As many health experts know, drug use, for example, is oftentimes not an isolated activity. Rather, there are “drug cultures” in which people who use drugs meet up with other addicts in order to buy and/or use drugs. Since this is the case, it is quite common to note that individuals involved in substance abuse will begin to hang out with other people who are in the same boat.

Deterioration of Health

Addiction can easily take hold of the individuals’ life and well-being. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction causes internal organ damage that, over time, begin to show on the outside. Depending on the substance of choice, addicts may look emaciated, display unusual skin color or have injection marks along their body. Non-substance addictions can result in the individual being unkempt and even emaciated from malnutrition.

Poor Work Performance or Difficulty Maintaining Employment

In many cases, individuals who are suffering from an addiction will find that they have various difficulties in the workplace. For example, individuals suffering from alcohol addiction will find that their hangovers preclude them from being able to come in to work, thereby resulting in excessive absences. Additionally, individuals suffering from drug addiction will often find that they cannot concentrate on the work in front of them, which ultimately leads to poor work performance or possible employment termination.

Legal Issues

Oftentimes, individuals suffering from addiction tend to run into trouble with the law. Addiction can be very expensive and some addicts turn to crime, such as theft or fraud, to fund their habit. Other scenarios include getting caught with an illegal drug and being pulled over by the police because the addict was driving while drunk.

Strained Relationships

Family and relationship strains may arise when the addict begins displaying unusual or erratic behavior. Fights with parents, spouses, children or other family members can add stress to the family ties. An addict's tendency to lose control of their finances and even assets can also severely affect their family.

Overcome Your Addiction Now

If you find that several of these scenarios apply to you, it is important that you get on the road to recovery immediately so that you can start living a healthy and happy life.

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